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Garcinia cambogia extract reviews, interviews and opinions

In this article I will emphasize the many benefits of Garcinia cambogia through some garcinia cambogia extract reviews and interviews that I had done in Europe quite some time ago. Most of the people I interviewed are working class Europeans with at least one university degree.

What do average people think

In my long quest for truth I decided to base my garcinia cambogia extract reviews on facts rather than fiction so I headed towards Europe's largest cities and I made several interviews with highly educated people.

I met one such person on the streets of Budapest, his name was Gyor Frando, he was a electrical engineer working on a big multinational corporation, he said he used garcinia cambogia extract because he could not lose weight with traditional supplements.

I was shocked to find out that he wanted to lose weight for at least a decade, so then I started to build some genuine simpathy towards this working class European that just did not have time to go to the gym or keep a diet.

I was so happy to make my garcinia cambogia extract reviews with people who were just like me, average working class people from all over the world. What amazed me was that Gyor waited for over 10 years to find a supplement as efficient as garcinia cambogia is.

Another one of my interviews was done in Sibiu, a city in central Romania, former European Capital of Culture in 2007, here I met Ion Popescu, a leading Romanian nutritionist expert.

He stated that " since my patietns use garcinia cambogia extract they have managed to lose a significant amount of weight in a record time, now I encourage all my patietns to use garcinia cambogia extract because it is a safe product, there have been a lot of garcinia cambogia extract reviews done lately, most of them are on the internet, but I trust the information posted over there because I know that it originates mostly from people like me."

In my quest for high quality garcinia cambogia extract reviews I decided to head for a haute couture city such as Paris, there I met Pierre Lalanne, a 30 year old artist working on the streets of Paris as a musician, he worked in a street band.

I remember that Pierre posted on a health forum the many benefits of garcinia cambogia extracts, he was the guy that inspired me to make this trip in Europe and I promised him that I would visit him as soon as I arrive in the old continent.

It was no surprise to meet Pierre, he looked a lot thinner, in just one month since we talked on the health forum stating that he lost about 30 pounds.

To be honest I was amazed by the results and it proves once again how potent is garcinia cambogia extract and it also inspired me to make more garcinia cambogia extract reviews that are based on honest facts, unbiased interviews with people just like me.

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