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How to promote your apparel products effectively

If you are getting into a clothing business, you will need to do some planning first before getting in. you will need to do some market research, who is your potential customer, what s the demography, whether you will be selling to buyers and distributors or to retail customers, investment, cash flow and many more. ghost manequinOnce you get all these things figured out, you will then have to think about your marketing method. How your prospective clients will find your products.


This is where advertising and marketing  come into play. If you are selling to retail clients, more than likely you will have to setup a web shop or a eCommerce website where you will be displaying your apparel or clothing products with your product images.


invisible ghost mannequin photographyOnce your business site is setup, you will find that just simply adding your clothing images are not gonna cut it. You will have to display your products in your web shop in such a way which makes the products look attractive to  your potential buyers. Ghost mannequin photography is the type of photography in clothing industry that is widely acceptable and in high demand.


You can do some research on how ghost mannequin ( photography is done. Internet has a wealth of information and you will find all you need to know about ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin photography. But in a nutshell, you take the pictures of your clothing on a mannequin and then edit those images in Photoshop to come up with the proper and final version of ghost mannequin photography that is web ready.


If you are skilled enough to do the ghost mannequin editing in Photoshop yourself, then that’s great. You will not have to spend money on outsourcing your ghost mannequin editing. Just learning a few simple thing like how to use clipping path (, how to join the clipped images together and how to do the retouching and color correction will help you do the proper ghost mannequin photography editing.


If you are not skilled enough to do the ghost mannequin editing yourself, you can always outsource the Photoshop image editing to an offshore outsourcing company at low cost.

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